To say that David ("DJ") is just a successful businessman would not do him justice. His extreme creativity and passion is what he is most known for and what has led to the creation of so many of his projects.

DJ needed a new property which would cultivate an environment for his team and their innovation. He needed something that had a lot of open work space for he and his associates to think, work and create -- but DJ is not a "vanilla" buyer and he needed an interesting property. The home David ended up buying (see pictures below) was recently rebuilt in 2014 and was created as a piece of artwork. The previous owner was the famous artist behind the iconic "Yes We Can" poster for President Obama. After he lost his home, and many pieces of his artwork, in a 2009 fire he decided to rebuild the home as a piece of artwork itself that could never be lost again. And that he did. The property is fireproof -- built entirely of glass, steel and cement and features tall ceilings, glass walls, sharp angles and modern touches. 

Best of all, the bottom floor comprises 1,500 square feet of open work space for DJ and his team. I am extremely excited to see the innovation and growth that will be cultivated in this stunning property.

I love that Dusty puts relationships before opportunity. The way he values people really shined through and he went above and beyond to make sure everything and everyone was taken care of.
— David

pictures of David's new home