keith & lorna find the next chapter in their lives

Keith & Lorna are a fantastic married couple who are very fun to spend time with. Keith's classic British humor mixed with Lorna's outgoing and caring nature makes for quite a pair!

Due to a few reasons, one being a family member pursuing acting and theater in another area, Keith and Lorna realized that they needed to sell their Santa Barbara home and move elsewhere to facilitate this next chapter in life.

The process went much more quickly than average; it was only about 2 weeks from original phone call to putting the house on the market for sale. Frankly, I was floored and impressed how efficiently Keith and Lorna got things together!

Selling a place that they called home for the past 20+ years is difficult enough, but adding the hurdle of buying another home at the same time in another city made their transition rather stressful. However, we all worked together and kept communication strong to put all the pieces together for a successful finish. I am excited for Keith and Lorna's family in this next chapter of their lives!

As someone who has seen many types of corruption in real estate, it is both pleasing and very surprising for me to say that the highest
level of professionalism I’ve seen exhibited in any field was done so by a realtor. For some, the definition of professionalism includes a cold, robotic, uncaring management of your business . I am not talking about that kind of professionalism. I am talking about professionalism that is caring, knowledgable, bright, enthusiastic and skilled. I am talking about someone who will text you from a meeting to say that he can’t return your call right now but should be able to get back to you when the meeting is done. In a world where people can be known to make you wait for days for a response, no matter how urgent your issue is, it is so refreshing and helpful to have worked with someone so responsive and on top of things. Not only that, but he always offers a cheerful smile and calming assurances. He has surrounded himself with other top professionals that deal with everything that can come up when you are in the process of buying or selling a home. When issues arise, he is ready with the answers, or ready with the right person for the issue at hand. To anyone in Santa Barbara looking for a realtor, I highly recommend Dusty Baker.
I also recommend Dusty Baker for baseball, but that is another man and another story.
— Keith & Lorna

pictures of keith & lorna's sale