lisa finds her art studio

Lisa is a wonderfully sweet woman with passions that range from orchids, to sculptures, to her little dogs. She was coming to Santa Barbara from Miami by way of North Carolina. 

Lisa originally called me to find her a home that had a bit of land and an art studio. She wanted a spacious yard so that she didn't feel like her neighbors were watching her every move, and she also needed an art studio for her many projects. Being that we are in Santa Barbara where an average lot size is .20 acre -- finding a spacious yard is not an easy task! Adding the variable of an art studio only complicated matters, but I was confident we could find that perfect home for Lisa.

The first day we looked at properties we ended up at a few homes that required rather strenuous walking to get to; I thought after those long steep driveways that Lisa would fire me for sure! But she hung in, we had a great time with lots of laughs, and after a few months we found the perfect home. The property Lisa ended up buying (see pictures below) is so ideal for her needs that it was almost comical. It was one of those moments where right when we walked into the property we each knew -- this was the one.

After close of escrow I connected Lisa with a phenomenal local interior designer, Lauren Henno, and they immediately began a "Hennovation." It is always fun making a property your very own by personalizing a remodel!

Dusty Baker epitomizes the reason I decided to stay in Santa Barbara. I thought I’d give Santa Barbara a look, but ultimately would end up farther north, that Santa Barbara would be just a way station along the way. But when I discovered how multi-faceted this town is, with the ocean to sail on, the mountains to hike in, the feeling of safety wherever you go, and the open, friendly smiles you meet each day, I realized I’d be crazy not to stay and call Santa Barbara home.
Likewise, I found Dusty to be kind and open, yet supremely professional. He easily grasped what was important to me in a new home - so much so that I felt I had known him for years, not days. He is genuine and honest, and gave me solid information about properties we visited, sharing his expert opinions when I asked. Possessing a manner so easy and pleasant to be around, hours flew by as we viewed many properties over many days - I really put him through the wringer through months of indecision. Of course, just when I felt it would never happen, Dusty sent me a new listing that was the house of my dreams. He jumped through extraordinary hoops to make sure it became mine, for which I can never thank him enough.
I don’t feel I’m overstating when I say that like Santa Barbara, Dusty is brilliantly multi-faceted. I truly could not imagine a more perfect realtor, who - now that I am a local - I call my friend.
— Lisa

pictures of lisa's new home